OM…Imagine the sound of the cosmos!

By Richard Wegman

The vibration of the planet!  OM is the whole universe, om is the sound of the beginning and the end.  Om is the feeling of that vibration.  All the sounds into one, the beginning and the end,   Break on through to the other side, into blissful silence.  OM

Say the word OM.  Repeat it a few times.  When you Om feel it rise up from your belly into your chest and let the M vibrate in your skull.  In Sanskrit OM begins and ends all prayers.  Om is a powerful mantra used for healing and tuning into the source.  Mantras are prayers.  When you chant a mantra you are tuning into the vibration of it.  So in Sanskrit if you chant to Ganesh for example then you are aligning with the vibration of unblocking, clearing the way to make a better decision.  Chants in Sanskrit are believed to be powerful because they have been chanted by millions for thousands of years.  They carry a lot of vibration.  Yogis believe that all prayers are answered and they are all vibration.  Chanting can be in English also.  “I am healing” “ I am abundant” for example.  It is a way to match your vibration with your thought patterns.  If they are not in sync then the source (whatever you call HIM or HER) will not be able to send you your wish because you are praying for two opposing things.

So here is the THING.  All thoughts, words are prayers and the source try’s to answer them.  It is the law of attraction.  So what you think and say matters a great deal.  “I am poor, I am sick, etc.  These are going to attract negatively.  Turn your thoughts around, to a more positive higher vibration.  So “I am abundant” would be good and if that doesn’t feel true then maybe “My financial health is getting better and better”  and instead of “I am sick”  “I am healing” or “I am doing everything in my power to heal”

On the Mat we practice to train the mind and learn to notice what is happening inside our crazy head.  So we focus on the ujjyai sound, on the 3 part breath which stills the mind.  We challenge our body with postures while at the same time practicing to be balanced and focused.  Then we can begin to notice what we are thinking during the day and make sure those thoughts are positive and sending out that which we truly desire.

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