Mandala’s Lotus Room

The Lotus room is our beautiful and peaceful onsite healing room.
We are currently renting time for healing sessions in the room.
If you are a healer and would like to apply, please email

To book a healing session call: 424-322-8071

Private Yoga is also available for $125/hr

Get help learning meditation, breathwork and new postures or learn adjustments for your current practice.  Get help with things that hurt or healing the body.

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AURANA – Healing Guide

Aurana brings a wealth of experience and compassion to the wellness world.

She’s a certified nutrition coach, meditation coach, life coach, yoga instructor and Intuitive guide. She offers monthly Peace Circles, quarterly “Inner Peace” Retreats and ongoing intuitive sessions.

She has an Ebook on Amazon, entitled “How to Tap into Your Intuition”.
She has a monthly radio segment on KABC’s “Adam Harman Show” entitled “Aurana Angel News”.
She speaks on panels nationwide promoting holistic health and well being.
Her intuitively guided healing sessions support energy balance and stimulate the chakras. She uses tools such as crystals, essential oils and music to enhance the healing experience. She also uses massage and acupressure techniques to release energy. She is able to intuitively tune into your areas of vulnerability in the mind, body and spirit that can be blocking you from letting go of unnecessary patterns. There is some conversation as the sessions can bring up a range of emotions from laughter to tears. Her clients say that her sessions are pure and powerful. She often gives a mantra or suggestion of practice or supplement that will be helpful in maintaining your healing forthwith.
“Happy Healing Sessions”
1 Hour Session – $190
Available Days/Times – Tuesdays and Sundays 3:30pm-6pm
*Her contact information via website, Instagram and Facebook is Aurana4u
Aurana 4 Kids
Aurana sees the need in our contemporary culture for kids to have peace of mind and strong coping skills. She offers fun and creative activities for kids that foster self-confidence and kindness.
As owner/operator of Rana’s Arts Club for 11 years, successfully offering camps and classes in the visual and performance arts as well as yoga, subsequently, she offered Girl Power Camps for two years. She became certified in Yoga for kids in 2001. She has two award winning kids yoga videos in three languages sold worldwide called, “I Can Do Yoga”. Her class videos can also be found on Udemy and Yoga Download. She has taught yoga to over a thousand kids. Her philosophy is to advocate kindness and keep it fun!
“Kids Wellness Workshops” 
2nd Sunday of each month – 3 hour – 12pm-3pm – $90
Includes: Kids Yoga, Visual Art, Mindfulness, Communication Circles and lunch!
Space is limited

Mario Romero

Mario is a 4th generation native of California. His background is vast & very eclectic.  He’s been involved in the Healing Arts for over twenty (20) years and a Reiki Master for nearly sixteen (16) years. He provides one of the most complete & unique therapeutic massage sessions you’ll ever experience. His sessions could include: Acupressure, Kinesiology, Orthodox-Anatomy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish & always Reiki.  About fourteen (14) years ago Healing Hands added Hot Stone therapy to every massage therapy session. Yes, you’ll “melt like butter”.  In addition, he can provide Office Chair Massage, Touch For Health, Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic Drain, Gua sha and Cranial Sacral therapy.

The Healing Hands motto:

“Healing The Planet…One Body At A Time”®


“First Time Special” at $200, two hour session.

Days and hours available:

Sita Starchild

Sita Starchild is an intuitive energy healer, yoga + reiki practitioner, certified Integra- tive Nutrition Health Coach, and Tarot reader. Her mission is to use these tools to facilitate the evolution of healthcare from one of a disease- based model to one that instills en- lightened whole-listic health and well- ness – mind, body, and spirit.

Her Healing Gifts Include:

Healing Restorative Yoga Session 

1hr – $75

Rejuvenating Restorative yoga with hands on adjustments, body work and energy healing for stress relief and chronic pain.

Includes guided chakra meditation, sound healing + aromatherapy.

Reiki Healing + Sound Bath 

60 minute Reiki Healing & Sound Bath – $100

Includes a full body Reiki Healing from a certified Reiki Master, Sound Bath with Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal Healing, Chakra Reading and Aroma Therapy.

Reiki is a form of gentle hands-on energy work which harmonizes all aspects of the recipient – mind, body and spirit – resulting in greater wellness, increased vitality and tranquility.

Tarot Healings

Tarot Healings provides insight and clarity into the inner-workings of the unconscious mind. Through the readings, Sita brings Light into any aspect of your life – love, career, family, spirituality.

Mini Reading: 30 min – $60

In-Depth Readings: 60 min – $90

Personal Health + Wellness Consultation: 

90 min – $75

Ready to shift into a higher-vibe? It starts with diet!

We will identify areas/chakras that are out of balance, conduct a health, medical + diet history, reprogram eating habits, and discover right food for you!

Kriya Astrology + Numerological Counseling

60min – $100

Astrological + Numerological sessions gives you insight on how to align your Self with your spiritual astral frequencies. The session will provide you will a full astrological + numerological report to guide you through the cycles of life, help you gain clarity on the issues, and provide you with the tools you need like specific yoga poses + meditations to help shift and direct your energy into a positive, expansive outcome. 

Days and hours available:
Very Flexible

Phobe Diltfler

Thai Yoga Therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing. The work is meridian opening, energy flowing, stretching, healing bodywork. The technique combines acupressure, trigger point therapy, yoga stretching and energy work. Sessions create a profound feeling of balance and are very effective in treating injuries and increasing flexibility and circulation. They can be deeply relaxing and also rejuvenating. Each session is unique and tailored to the individual and the moment.

Phoebe has been practicing and teaching Thai Yoga for over 15 years and is the author of Urban Guide to Ancient Thai Massage.

$120 for 1 hour
$175 for 90 min
$220 for 2 hours

Days and hours available:
By Appointment

Heather Castagno

Heather acts as a gentle, positive source of healing for individuals. Drawing upon the rich history of traditional Chinese medicine, her treatments help facilitate the ultimate goal of returning the body to a state of balance. She treats physical pain, as well as pain that derives from an emotional or spiritual root.

The initial appointment involves a thorough patient history, consultation and treatment for $150.
Subsequent appointments are $120. 

Days and hours available:
Starting October 10th
Tuesdays: 3 pm–7pm
Wednesdays: Open availability
Sundays: 3pm –7pm

Karina Gina

Karina Gian Atma is a Reiki Master in the Usui System of natural healing. She is originally from Brazil and has been emerged in the healing arts since a little girl, but it wasn’t until arriving in California that she delve deep into the teachings, getting her Masters from Sacred Venture in Maui Hawaii.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands”

Reiki energy can facilitate the release of any negative energies, thoughts, feelings, and emotions and clears, straightens, and heals the energy field in and around the body.

90min Reiki healing: $120

Days and hours available:
Monday: after 11am anytime
Tuesday: morning to early afternoon
Wednesday: before 5pm anytime
Thursday: all day
Friday: after 11am anytime
Saturday: currently not available
Sunday: currently not available.

Daniella Gil

Daniela Gil is a Sacred Healing Arts practitioner who specializes in Breathwork and Akashic Record Readings & Healings. She also teaches yoga and meditation, is a Reiki master, facilitates one-on-one coaching and mentorship programs, and hosts Akashic Record reading trainings.

Her offerings support clients in connecting to the infinite creative power and potential of their being and embracing their true nature as love. As a clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant and clairaudient, Daniela is a clear and loving channel, here to inspire your growth, healing and transformation.

Akashic Record Reading 

$250, 1 hour

In an Akashic Record reading, you’ll receive insight, guidance, and energetic transmissions from the Records in response to your questions or topics you’d like to explore. Commonly explored topics are: life purpose, career, relationships, finances, business, entrepreneurial or creative endeavors, health, and big decisions, but any topic or question can be explored.

Ceremonial Breathwork Journey

$200, 1 hour

Breathwork is a mind-body-spirit practice that uses manipulation of the breath to move and accumulate prana. Prana is the innate intelligence that creates, animates, and sustains all life; this intelligence offers the breather the experience that is most healing, transformative and relevant for them.

Days and hours available:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 2:30 – 6:00
Wednesdays: 7am – 8pm… availability varies based on client schedule that particular Wednesday.
Saturdays: 8:00 – 12:00
Sundays: some afternoons after 1:00


Jason Frahm

Based in Southern California, Jason Frahm has been a life guide, meditation-yoga teacher & healing practitioner for 15 years.  He currently guides yoga and meditation at Mandala Yoga, The Ashram & AJa~Malibu

In addition to meditation, mindfulness & yoga, his private practice also includes International retreats & workshops,life guidance, shamanic wellness tools, chi-kung and cranial sacral energy work. Jason integrates these energy tools into a unique pranic cultivation practice assisting one to strengthen their body and still their mind.

Jason lives in the majestic valley of Ojai integrating the teachings of masters from an ancient yoga-meditation lineage of the Himalayas and the high shaman of the Peruvian Andes (Altomisayocs). He has been encouraged to share the wisdom teachings of these rare traditions with students in the west.

Spiritual Life Guidance $225/hr

If you’re struggling with direction, purpose or clarity in your life, this is the support you will greatly appreciate. Jason accesses a wealth of knowledge from the teachings of an enlightened master of yoga and a shamanic master from Peru. The intention of this work is to assist one in discovering, clarifying and living one’s life purpose. Too, we address the obstacles that are keeping one from living and embodying their purpose. This guidance gives you the awareness and the tools to live harmoniously with yourself, your thoughts, your life and the universe. This work is the bridge from where you are and where you choose to be!

Shamanic Energy Medicine $225/hr

This is an integration of ancient shamanic healing processes that aid in clearing the physical, emotional, and karmic imprints from our luminous field. This style of work allows us to embrace and move through our stories of past pain and energetic knots. A shift in perception often occurs where the trauma becomes a faint memory, no longer defining our archaic way of being. These sessions also strengthen one’s immune system, promote longevity and combust toxic energies in the body, mind, chakra walls and energetic field. This work includes personal and group ceremony, energetic cleansing, current and past life healing, soul/destiny retrieval, energetic extractions and much more to assist one in realizing their wholeness. We can truly shift our momentum tunnel towards our soul’s deepest purpose. This work is complimented with spiritual-life guidance to usher in the application of the work into our daily lives.

Wellness Assessment $200/hr 

There are many ways to test our health as well as what foods and supplements would be most beneficial for us. One of the most accurate forms of pinpointing what is needed to create optimal health is through morphogenic muscle testing. With this work the body will tell us what is out of alignment and what the body needs to harmonize for health… and this can all be done in a matter of minutes. The testing is accurate and the results are amazing!

Cranial Sacral Energy Work $180/hr

Through focus and intention, one taps into the movement of the cranial wave (involuntary muscle contractions that are relayed through the spinal cord and brain with its center being the spiritual heart). This work supports the harmonizing of the body’s energy system as well as the cranial and sacral bones. This balancing can relieve many states of disease, headaches, TMD, physical, emotional and past life trauma.

Massage $180/hr

With over 15 years of experience, Jason has integrated his own style of long, strong strokes that move with the flow and contours of the body as well as deep, centered techniques to move through crystallized areas of the body. He integrates Swedish, deep tissue, Tai Chi-like movements for a relaxing and healing massage. This massage can be complimented with healing stones and crystals to assist in moving physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

Days and hours available:
Thursday and Friday Afternoons and Evening

Aaron Moon

A lifetime of martial and metaphysical practices culminated in a collegiate education in Holistic Healthcare with an emphasis on Clinical and Integrative Somatic Methods. Aaron has the unique ability to connect with the driving physiological and psychological forces of human expression as well as individual emotional compulsions that shape habits and patterns of the creators and the crowd. He uses this knowledge in the form of classes, workshops, immersive speaker series and retreats in order to facilitate professional and personal success.

Sensory Repatterning

Free yourself from nerve pain, restrictive movement habits and optimize your self-expression!
Sensory Repatterning is a hybrid hands on bodywork experience that recognizes and works with the body’s natural rhythms. The only thing required of you is comfortable clothing and a willingness to explore your range of motion, patterns of tension and holding. The subtle and profound nature​​ of this journey requires calibration and coaching throughout the process which sheds light on your subconscious emotions and behavioral patterns. Sensory Repatterning can be very freeing and surprising as it can release years of tension and pain from the body. Many also report heightened awareness of dream states and the excitement that such body-mind awareness brings. Expect to love it.

Complete Repatterning Journey

4 x 60 minute hands on sessions with 4 x 15 minute coaching sessions over 2 weeks: $897

Pattern Interrupt

2 x 60 minute hands on and 2 x 15 minutes coaching: $450

Days and hours available:

By Appointment