About Kumi

Kumi Yogini (a former freelance graphic designer) now yoga instructor and teacher training lead has been teaching since 2003. The powerful nature of the practice compelled her not only to change her life but also share the gift with others in a fun, spiritual and accessible way. After a decade of teaching and managing at CorePower Yoga she was inspired to open her own studio (Veda Yoga) where she continues to serve the community by spreading the science and practices yoga.

“Every day I am amazed at how much I learn from students and get to share with others my experience. Teaching and affecting the lives of others

has had a profound impact on my own spiritual growth. I want nothing more than to pass onto others that which has brought love, compassion and understanding into my own life. May we continue to learn, grown and share together in the light of yoga!”


Some of her most influential teachers are Radhanath Swami, Tukaram Das, Bryan Kest, Alanna Kaivalya, Saul David Raye, David Swenson, Dave Porter and Jim (My first yoga teacher at Bally’s on Colorado Blvd in Denver).


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