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Mandala Center

719 Broadway

Santa Monica, CA 90401 / ph 424.322.8071

Parking Options

There are many options for parking while you are taking class.

Park Me App: Use Park Me app to reserve a parking space now!

Bike Share: If you are a student it is $7 a month, or $25 a month. The stations are located all over the city where parking can be free, and you can reserve a bike. If you come 3 times a week or 12 times that is only $2 each time.  The bike share is on Broadway and Lincoln on the south side.

Public Library – 601 7th north of Santa Monica

Underground parking accessed from 7th street between Santa Monica Blvd. and Arizona Ave. Open 8am-11pm. View this on the City’s Transportation website (click on Santa Monica Public Library). First 30 mins. Free! Rates are $1 per hour for the first two hours and 30 mins. After that the rate is $1 every 30 mins. Weekdays $10 max, and weekends $5 max. The library doesn’t validate.

320 Broadway, near 3rd (Structure 7) 

Structure 7 and Structure 8 operate 24 hours daily, and are located adjacent to Santa Monica Place.  The first 90 min. are free, $1.25 for the next hour and $1.85 for each additional 30 minutes. $17.50 maximum daily. Effective May 16, 2013 the first two levels in all structures, will be dedicated to 3hour parking only. All-day parking is available on all upper levels.


Broadway: 8am-9pm – 3 hours- $2 per hour

Lincoln: 9am-6pm (after 6pm is FREE) 40 mins – hours

Streets east of Lincoln, near 10th: – 9 hour meters $1.00 hour

Limited Street Parking

7th between Colorado and Santa Monica: 9am-6pm 2 hour parking FREE (parking enforcement does check though!!!!)

Free Parking: Lincoln Blvd. and 7th Street have FREE Parking all day on Sundays!

East of Lincoln on Broadway between 10th and 14th: three sections of available street parking (but a little hike and may not always be available)

  •  Other parking coming over next few months on Lincoln self-parking pay machines, awaiting city approval

Mandala. Welcome Home.

Mandala is a new yoga and wellness center dedicated to nurturing and furthering personal and collective soul growth. We are a community of teachers, students, artists, healers and musicians in the fields of yoga, meditation, wellness, music, art and soul development. We have a common mission: coming together in service to the planet, each other and to  support humankind’s evolution. Mandala is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, wisdom and compassion on this planet through sharing the sacred science of Yoga and other sacred wisdom and healing traditions. We are committed to working with and supporting other individuals,  groups and non-crofts that are working for social and environmental justice.

Mandala (which literally means ‘circle’), is sacred symbol which represents the cosmos and all parts of the whole. Mandala is founded on a circular model of inclusivity. This inclusivity is reflected in a cooperative and circular business model, including profit-sharing for our teachers and staff, and donating 1% of gross profits to the local community and the world at large. (Please see below for a description of this).

Mandala is home to some of the most recognized teachers in the world, for our classes, workshops and trainings. Each member of our teaching roster has dedicated their lives to consciousness and are highly respected in their field. We were inspired to create a home for these teachers and  teachings,  a  center dedicated to Yoga as a holistic practice for body, mind + soul, that included different traditions of  yoga and all aspects of the yogic path including meditation, ayurveda, kirtan, philosophy and lifestyle. We are also a home for spiritual studies in other traditions and dedicated to activism and a conscious conversation. Our intention at Mandala is to create a home for the body, mind and soul of our community.  We believe that ‘SANGHA’ is a community of the heart and it naturally arises where there is heart and intention.

Mandala is expanding our programming in weekly yoga and meditation classes for all levels of students, workshops on various aspects of yoga and and trainings for those that wish to immerse into the the profound depth of Yogic science. Mandala is also launching  an online video platform to share classes and events  via live streaming and video content with yoga students around the world.

Our center is the manifestation of many people joining together, with roots going back over 12 years. It is brought to life by the talent of many people in the intention – We truly believe that a yoga studio dedicated to soul development,  to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Yoga, inclusive of different traditions and spiritual  paths, as well as a dedication to Seva and an inclusive model for the teachers and staff – was ready to be born here in Los Angeles!  Mandala will also provide Holistic healing sessions in various healing arts,  an eco-Lifestyle boutique, as well as special events and community programs. In our physical and online boutique, we are committed to selling sustainable cruelty free products which enhance a healthy lifestyle with companies that are honoring and protecting the planet.

1% For Peace

Because of our common mission that is aimed at helping humankind’s evolution through, mind, body and soul we feel that should also be represented in our business model.

Mandala is founded on a circular model of inclusivity. This inclusivity is reflected in a cooperative and circular business model, including profit-sharing for our teachers and staff, and donating 1% of gross profits to the local community and the world at large.

We will donate to environmental organizations in our community and at large, progressive political causes that are seeking justice in todays world and many other great causes that are making the world a better place.While 1% isn’t a huge amount it is a start that we feel can be an example to other businesses in the yoga community.