The Mandala Mission

Imagine a center dedicated to awakening human potential and serving both personal and planetary transformation. A vibrant center for the body, mind, and spirit with deep roots in the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga, indigenous culture and the power of modern innovation & evolution. Home to some of the most recognized teachers and presenters in the world, as well as inspiring new voices, with a common passion and purpose of service to the planet, to each other, and to conscious evolution.

Picture a gathering place to awaken, transform, learn, grow, activate, serve and Love. An invitation to an ever-expanding community to share our personal and collective journey together. Igniting the soul through the yogic arts, meditation, tantra, intuitive development, music, dance, sacred activism, conscious living…

This is Mandala!

Our Classes

Mandala offers daily classes & practices, weekly gender groups, and workshops & trainings for all levels of students and practitioners. For those that wish to deepen and learn, to alchemize and transform in a more profound way, we offer a wide range of paths, including yoga, meditation, tantra, music, dance, sacred sexuality, intuitive development, personal empowerment, and conscious relationship. To enhance our positive impact, in addition to in-person classes, Mandala has a platform to share pre-recorded and live streaming classes to our local and global community (coming soon).

Mandala also provides Holistic Healing Sessions, an eco-Lifestyle boutique, as well as special events and community programs. In our in-center and online boutique, we are committed to selling sustainable cruelty free products which enhance a healthy lifestyle with companies that are doing their best to honor and protect the planet.

At Mandala, we recognize that what people want is awakening and healing of consciousness, so we are committed to all paths of spiritual awakening that are in alignment with the core principles of nonviolence, truth, peace and service.


Today’s Classes

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