Teacher Spotlight – Grace Flowers

Grace has a warm and approachable style of holding space that encourages artistic exploration and mastery through movement, often encouraging students to dive in deep, beyond asana, and truly cultivate moment by moment awareness. She is known as a teacher who is skilled in her ability to guide students into experiencing a richer connection with themselves, explore the ever-changing nature of Consciousness and Truth, while beautifully weaving in spiritual elements from her own practice and experience with Life itself.

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Get to know our Grace…Teacher Q&A:

1. How did you come to Yoga?

I found myself gravitating towards yoga at the end of my college years. I discovered it at my local gym and started to take class with a lovely girl with this beautiful British accent. To this day, I remember her. At that point in my life, yoga was a purely physical practice…and the seeker spirit in me kept following the flame all these years.

2. What is a teaching or practice that has changed your life?

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” I have been blessed to have many spiritual teachers who have appeared in my life in one way or another. One of these teachers is Pema Chodron, whose teachings continue to softly guide my life. When I feel small, the remembrance of this quote always offers a loving exhale and is one that reminds me, always, of my truest nature…our truest nature.

3. Why do you love teaching Yoga?

I love sharing space with fellow like-minded Souls who I’ve come to know over the years of practicing together and don’t often think of myself as a teacher these days. Sharing a part of my own practice, both physical and spiritual to anyone who may perhaps resonate with it at this moment in time is a deep joy of mine. Being together in practice  brings us all into community with each other, sharing in breath and life together. It truly is special.

4. What book would you recommend, why?

Oh goodness…there are so many gems to recommend, depending on what you are interested in. You might have to email me for those recommendations!  I’m a fan of anything Jack Kornfield writes, all of Pema’s Chodron’s audiobooks (on audible.com for those that need to listen on the go). She has amazing talks that are available through Audible. For the seeker spirit in me, there is one book that I am working my way through and that is Gurdjieff’s The Reality of Being.

5. What is your current favorite pose or practice and why?

I’ve always loved uttitha trikonasana (triangle pose) and the sense of space and timelessness I feel when I’m communing with it. It’s one of my favorites, with anjaneyasana crescent moon a close second.

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